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Learn what makes others so envious of our company:

High-quality cleaning services only…

Clean Envy prides itself on the quality of our work, the friendliness and trustworthiness of our team and our highly competitive prices.

We guess that is the reason why we’ve created our business from the ground-up to where it is today. Our cleaning company has a team of professional cleaners,  who are both skilled and dedicated to delivering only the best house cleaning services that money can buy in the North West of England. The Company’s owners carefully trial and train each cleaning team member – taking no shortcuts.

We’re local, which makes us stand out once again. No money driven franchise, or fly by night start-up, We were raised in Lancashire and our cleaning company has always had this Lancashire, “Take pride in how far you've come - Have faith in how far you can go” kind of spirit in it. 

And though home cleaning is our speciality, we are never afraid to take on new fields of expertise…

Recently we added office clean up, house cleaning and industrial/warehouse & carpets/furniture to that long list of things we do and do well!

Meet Our Team

Sarah Douglas

Business Owner

As the company's owner, Sarah is responsible for both maintaining and developing all of the structure, personnel and fields of expertise...

Her previous experience of working as a cleaning specialist herself gives her some credible level of expertise to build up upon her extensive knowledge.


Senior Cleaning Specialist

Working with us well since 2015, she went up a career ladder from Junior specialist all the way to a most Senior cleaning expert.

Her dedication to completing each single Clean in a fashion no less than perfect has made her one of the most popular specialists, who our clients love and respect.


Senior Cleaning Specialist

Sylwia, has been with Clean Envy for just over 2 years, Sylwia has always been our most meticulous and thorough cleaning specialist.

Since her first working day in 2017, Sylwia has come a long way fromstarting with 4 clients to now leading a team of cleaning professionals.

John White


Junior Cleaning Specialist


John  may be our youngest staff member, but that does not mean his skills are inferior. Being just 23 years of age, this cheerful fellow from the sunny British Gibraltar is a real fresh breath of life...  His thoughtfulness, ability to quickly learn and adapt and his truly impressive pace/quality ratio makes him an absolutely vital part of all our business operations.

Things that define us as the most efficient cleaning company ever:


Great Experience

With more than 10 years of experience, all our cleaning professionals are ready to keep the dirt off your property!



All our tools and cleaning solutions that we use are certified, ecologically friendly and safe to use.


Services Range

Whatever you need to clean up – from an apartment or a house to an office or even an industrial warehouse, we’re up to it!


Rocking Prices

Just compare our shockingly low pricing and the mind-blowing rates that other Lancashire-based cleaning companies have.

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